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A not necessarily complete list of recent changes carried out, only indicating the highlights.

September 2003

new a woodcreeper, seedeater
splits a woodcreeper, thrasher, a wagtail
generic changes
  • update on Nyctiprogne veilliardi;
  • re-ordering of Catharus thrushes (Auk 120, 2);
  • erection of Tribe Euphoniini, following Tribe Fringillini (under subfamily Fringillinae, family Fringillidae) for genera Euphonia and Chlorophonia (a.o. Burns, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 8, 334–348 (1997) and Yuri & Mindell, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 23, 229–243 (2002))

June 2003

splits a motmot , an antshrike, a woodcreeper
generic changes  

February 2003

splits two owls (1 and 2), four gulls (1, 2, 3 and 4)
generic changes  
various backstage work on gender naming consistency checks, following the second BBOC paper by David & Gosselin resulting in over 180 specific, and approximately 560 subspecific name changes;
now a revised full list;
picture and sound of São Francisco Sparrow added

Period of November 2002-January 2003: no administrative activity due to various trips and further obligations.

October 2002

splits an eagle, a note on toucanets
generic changes a nightjar
various new specific name for brush-finch

September 2002

new an antbird
splits a kiwi, an antbird, a swift, an extinct hummingbird
various some bibliographic corrections; a new page set on genus changes for species

August 2002

new a pipit, an owl
splits a tit, a quail-dove
various move to new web address; new species list Sept2002

May 2002

new none
splits two old world cuckoos (1 and 2), four Sylvia warblers (1, 2, 3 and 4)
various continued work at subspecies level

April 2002

new none
splits two hemispinguses (1 and 2), two puffbirds (1 and 2), a piculet
various lots of backstage work on subspecies list; gender naming consistency checks, following the BBOC paper by David & Gosselin resulting in nearly 100 specific name changes

January 2002

new a woodcock, a wagtail
splits a woodcock, a tapaculo
various backlog since last August being worked on

August 2001

new a tyrant flycatcher
splits a tyrant flycatcher
various various rather invisible maintenance jobs to the base data set, including regaining consistency in some vernacular names (an ongoing process); also removal of Hylocharis pyropygia, Amazilia distans (both generally nowadays considered to be of hybrid origin), and Andropadus chlorigula (subsumed in A. fusciceps)

June 2001

new a petrel, two tyrant flycatchers (1 and 2) as well as a piha, an old world flycatcher, and a laughingthrush
splits an old world vulture, two white-eyes from Indonesia (1 and 2)

February - May 2001

Another spell of no maintenance to this website, due to various trips abroad, as well as a nasty computer crash.

January 2001

new a tyrant flycatcher, a typical antbird
sounds a cut for the new antbird above, plus two cuts of related species for comparison  (thank you, Juan)

In the period September-December, 2000, various other obligations (two books in print, a business trip, moving house) prevented
maintenance to the information in this site.  Nevertheless, collection of information continued, and I am committed to keeping the
information here up-to-date.  Over the month of January, various activities will be undertaken to become up-to-date again.

September 2000

illustrations a new world barbet (thank you, Dan)

August 2000

overall a new downloadable list
a new set of pages on fossil finds of bird species
splits an old world cuckoo, a long overdue shearwater

July 2000

new a grouse, a new world barbet
splits two scops-owls (1 and 2), a tyrannulet, a finch
illustrations an owlet-nightjar, a pygmy-owl (thank you Joe and Tracy)

June 2000

overall much revised full downloadable list: 1 new species, 16 splits added, 14 genus changes, 5 specific name changes, 317 positional changes, compared to the April 2000 version
splits an african barbet, a hawk-cuckoo, a dove, a white-eye
sounds Caatinga and Grey-crested Cacholote (thank you Tom and Sjoerd)

May 2000

overall a thorough revision of the Parrots on systematic sequence
a number of older references now fully covered
new Taiwan Bush-Warbler
splits an ostrich, a prion, a ground-cuckoo, two parakeets, a hanging-parrot, another parakeet and one more, a tody-tyrant, a thornbird, cacholote and woodcreeper
sounds Rufous-legged Owl and Chaco Owl (thank you Juan and Sjoerd)

April 2000

overall several smaller corrections on full downloadable list
updated list of Non-committed splits
splits a woodpecker, an antwren (from an old citation), three larks

March 2000

overall removed four duplicate entries from downloadable full list, corrected two errors of numbering
splits two ducks, an owlet-nightjar, a hummingbird

January 2000

overall downloadable full list (see Index on main page)
new Cinnabar Hawk-Owl
splits a snake-eagle, a hawk, a new world quail, a gull

December 1999

overall updated list of Non-committed splits
new Sangha Forest Robin
splits one Tyto, twenty-six (!) owls, four hermits, nine other hummingbirds, one antthrush, two antbirds, one tapaculo, three ovenbirds, a shrike-thrush, two old world flycatchers

November 1999

overall some additional details in various places
updated list of Non-committed splits
new Jocotoco Antpitta, two Seicercus warblers
splits three owls, a pardalote, two Australasian robins, nine Australasian `crows', a pipit, four old-world warblers

August 1999

overall many smaller corrections and additions
updated lists of PSC splits and Non-committed splits, incl. amongst others Sinclair & Langrand's Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands (thank you, Claire!)
splits three yellowthroats, a bulbul, two reed-warblers, a fairywren
sounds Willis's Antbird, Bahia Spinetail, Planalto Slaty-Antshrike (thank you Tom & Juan!)

July 1999

overall numerous additions of refs to original descriptions, and a number of corrections (spelling, page numbers etc.)
started adding remainder taxa after splits (set in light green)
new Brown-backed Antwren
splits various albatrosses