Recently proposed splits for the family Typical Swifts

Guam Swiftlet     Aerodramus bartschi
(Mearns) 1909
s Mariana Islands: Guam.  Lowlands, breeds in caves.
split from: Collocalia inquieta
insert after: Collocalia pelewensis
M.R. Browning,
Species limits of the cave swiftlets (Collocalia) in Micronesia
Avocetta 17, ? (1993): 101-106

Costa Rican Swift      Chaetura fumosa
Salvin   1870
Costa Rica; w Panama; n Colombia
split from: Chaetura spinicauda
insert after: Chaetura spinicauda
M. Martin,
Species limits distribution and biogeography of some New World gray-rumped spine-tailed swifts (Chaetura, Apodidae)
Orn. Neotrop. 11 (2000): 93-107
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