Recently proposed splits for the family Pittas

Rozendaal showed that ussheri cannot be conspecific with venusta (Graceful Pitta), with which it was formerly combined.  Lacking further data he considered it, at least temporarily, a subspecies of granatina.

Lambert & Woodcock, in Pittas, Broadbills and Asities, subsequently treated ussheri as specifically distinct from granatina (Garnet Pitta).  Their reasons are (1) parapatric distributions, and (2) hardly any evidence of hybridisation.

Black-headed Pitta     Pitta ussheri
Gould  1877
ne Indonesia: n Borneo lowlands
split from: Pitta venusta
insert after: Pitta granatina
Frank Rozendaal,
Species limits within Garnet Pitta-complex
Dutch Birding 16, 6 (1994): 239-245

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