Recently proposed splits for the family Pardalotes and Allies

Western Fieldwren / Calamanthus     Calamanthus montanellus
Milligan   1903
sw Australia: Dirk Hartog Island and from Murchison Range to Stirling Range, W Australia,
split from: Calamanthus campestris
insert after: Calamanthus campestris
R. Schodde & I.J. Mason,
The Directory of Australian Birds: Passerines, CSIRO Publishing, 1999

The Inland Thornbill is also known as the Broad-tailed Thornbill.

Inland Thornbill*     Acanthiza apicalis
Gould  1847
w, c Australia.  Mulga and mallee
split from: Acanthiza pusilla
insert after: Acanthiza pusilla
Leslie Christides & Walter E. Boles,
The Taxonomy and Species of Birds of Australia and its Territories. Royal Australian Ornithologists Union Monograph 2

Biak Gerygone     Gerygone hypoxantha
Salvadori  1878
w New Guinea: Biak Island
split from: Gerygone magnirostris
insert after: Gerygone magnirostris
N.J. Collar, M.J. Crosby & A.J. Stattersfield,
Birds to Watch 2: the World List of Threatened Birds. BirdLife Conservation Series 4, Cambridge, UK, 1994

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