Recently proposed splits for the family Ground Antbirds

Mexican Antthrush     Formicarius moniliger
Sclater   1857
s Mexico: from s Veracruz, n Oaxaca, Tabasco, Chiapas and Yucatan peninsula s to; Belize; n,e Guatemala; n Honduras. Lowlands to 1500 m, humid forests.
split from: Formicarius analis
insert after: Formicarius analis
Steve N.G. Howell,
The specific status of Black-faced Antthrushes in Middle America
Cotinga 1 (1994): 21-25

Song of Masked Antpitta


This short cut is part of a longer track appearing on the CD-ROM Birds of Bolivia.
Sjoerd Maijer. Recorded on April 1, 1994, Hamburgo, near Riberalta, dept. Beni, Bolivia.

Masked Antpitta     Hylopezus auricularis
Gyldenstolpe   1941
n Bolivia: Beni, Riberalta
split from: Hylopezus macularius
insert after: Hylopezus macularius
Sjoerd Maijer,
Rediscovery of Hylopezus (macularius) auricularis: Distinctive song and habitat indicate species rank
The Auk 115, 4 (1998): 1072-1073

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