Recently proposed splits for the family Fairywrens and Allies

Short-tailed Grasswren     Amytornis merrotsyi
Mellor  1913
sc Australia: Southern Australia, Flinders Ranges
split from: Amytornis striatus
insert after: Amytornis striatus
Leslie Christidis,
Evolution and biogeography of the Australian grasswrens, Amytornis (Aves: Maluridae): biochemical perspectives
Australian Journal of Zoology, 47, 2 (1999): 113-124

Kalkadoon Grasswren     Amytornis ballarae
Condon   1969
ne Australia: nw Queensland, Mt. Isa
split from: Amytornis purnelli
insert after: Amytornis purnelli
R. Schodde & I.J. Mason,
The Directory of Australian Birds: Passerines, CSIRO Publishing, 1999

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