Recently proposed splits for the family Bulbuls

Southern Mountain Greenbul     Andropadus fusciceps
(Shelley)   1893
Tanzania: Uluguru Mountains (neumanni), Udzungwa Mountains (chlorigula) & Mt. Rungwe (nominate); Malawi: Rift mountains (nominate); c Mozambique: Namuli Range (nominate)
split from: Andropadus tephrolaemus
insert after: Andropadus nigriceps
Michael S. Roy, Peter Arctander & Jon Fjeldså,
Speciation and taxonomy of montane greenbuls in the genus Andropadus (Aves: Pycnonotidae)
Steenstrupia 24, 1 (1998): 51-66

Lesser Bristlebill     Bleda notata
(Cassin)  1857
specific distribution information is lacking
split from: Bleda eximia
insert after: Bleda eximia
C. Chappuis & C. Erard,
Species limits in the genus Bleda Bonaparte, 1857 (Aves, Pycnonotidae)
Zeitschr. Zool. Syst. Evolut.-forsch. 31, 4 (1993): 280-299

Mauritius (Black) Bulbul     Hypsipetes olivaceus
Jardine & Selby   1835
Mauritius. Natural forests on steep slopes and in gullies
split from: Hypsipetes borbonicus
insert after: Hypsipetes borbonicus
A.W. Diamond,
Studies of Mascarene Island Birds, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1987, p. 175-180

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