Recently described new species for the family Sparrows and Allies

The Mekong Wagtail is a confusing bird, and has been known since the early 1970s. Birds then obtained were depicted (erroneously) as M. alba alboides in Lekagul and Round's Birds of Thailand. But alboides is a quite different bird; see for instance Robson's guide to Southeast Asian birds.

Mekong Wagtail      Motacilla samveasnae
ne Cambodia: along Mekong, San and Srepok Rivers upstream from Kampi; extreme s Laos: along Mekong River
insert after: Motacilla maderaspatensis
J. W. Duckworth, Per Alström, P. Davidson, T. D. Evans, C. M. Poole, Tan Setha & R. J. Timmins,
A new species of wagtail from the lower Mekong basin
Bulletin B.O.C. 121, 3 (2001): 152-182

Long-tailed Pipit     Anthus longicaudatus
South Africa: Orange Free State, Kimberley (winter); Botswana? (passage), Zambia?? (breeding)
insert after: Anthus vaalensis?
Richard Liversidge,
A new species of pipit in southern Africa
Bulletin B.O.C. 116, 4 (1996): 211-214

Kimberley Pipit     Anthus pseudosimilis
n,c South Africa; scattered records Namibia and Botswana
insert after: Anthus melindae
Richard Liversidge & Gary Voelker,
The Kimberley Pipit: a new African species
Bulletin B.O.C. 122, 2 (2002): 93-109

The Rock Firefinch has a distinctive song, which is mimicked by the brood-parasitic Jos Plateau Indigobird Vidua maryae, which occurs within the range of the firefinch and whose songs led to the discovery of the firefinch. The firefinch's habitat is also distinctive: bushy and grassy rocky outcrops on the Jos Plateau and inselbergs to the north and east.

It has a blue-grey bill, red back in the male and reddish brown back in the female and juvenile and broad primaries in both the adult and juvenile. It appears most closely related to the Mali Firefinch Lagonosticta virata and the Chad Firefinch Lagonosticta umbrinodorsalis.

Rock Firefinch     Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis
n, e Nigeria
insert after: Lagonosticta larvata ?
Robert B. Payne,
A new species of firefinch Lagonosticta from northern Nigeria and its association with the Jos Plateau Indigobird Vidua maryae
Ibis 140, 3 (1998): 368-381

The type specimen of Cream-bellied Munia was obtained from a bird market in Jakarta, and was said to have come from near Banjarmasin, se Kalimantan, Borneo. An additional description was presented in Restall's Munias and Mannikins, incl. line drawings and a colour plate.

The validity of this taxon is not without doubt and the birds may prove to be hybrids.

Cream-bellied Munia     Lonchura pallidiventer
Indonesia: se Kalimantan, near Banjarmasin
insert after: Lonchura flaviprymna
Robin L. Restall,
A proposed new species of munia, genus Lonchura (Estrildinae)
Bulletin B.O.C. 116, 3 (1996): 137-142

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