Recently described new species for the family Petrels and Allies

Six specimens of the Vanuatu Petrel were obtained by an AMNH expedition in January 1927, near the Banks Islands. They were presumed to be a longer-tailed, smaller form of cervicalis with dark grey primaries from above by Falla in 1976.

In 1983 another bird was found on the coast of n New South Wales.

Vanuatu Petrel     Pterodroma occulta
n Vanuatu (s Pacific): Banks Islands is the presumed breeding distribution; has reached ne Australia in migration
insert after: Pterodroma cervicalis
M.J. Imber & A.J.D. Tennyson,
A new petrel species (Procellariidae) from the south-west Pacific
Emu 101, 2 (2001): 123-127

Both Olson's and Canarian Shearwater are known only from fossil remains.

Olson's Shearwater†     Puffinus olsoni
Spain: Canary Islands, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote
insert after: Puffinus puffinus ?
M. McMinn, D. Jaume & J.A. Alcover,
Puffinus olsoni n.sp.: nova espčcie de baldritja recentment extingida provinent de depōsits espeleolōgics de Fuerteventura i Lanzarote (Illes Canāries, Atlāntic Oriental)
Endins 16 (1990): 63-71

Canarian Shearwater†     Puffinus holeae
Spain: Canary Islands, Fuerteventura
insert after: Puffinus (puffinus) mauretanicus
C.A. Walker, G.M. Wragg & Colin J.O. Harrison,
A new shearwater from the Pleistocene of the Canary Islands and its bearing on the evolution of certain Puffinus shearwaters
Historical Biology, vol. 3, 203-224 (1990)

Mascarene Shearwater was described in 1995, and has been the cause of quite some discussion in the literature.  By many, it is now believed that the description of this species was based on juvenile Audubon Shearwaters (Puffinus lherminieri).

A good source for further reading is: Vincent Bretagnolle & Carole Attié, Coloration and biometrics of fledgling Audubon's Shearwaters Puffinus lherminieri from Reunion Island, Indian Ocean. Bulletin B.O.C. 116 (1996): 194-197.

Mascarene Shearwater     Puffinus atrodorsalis
western Indian Ocean
insert after: Puffinus lherminieri
Hadoram Shirihai, Ian Sinclair & Peter R. Colston,
A new species of Puffinus shearwater from the western Indian Ocean
Bulletin B.O.C. 115, 2 (1995): 75-87

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