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Calls of Bahia Spinetail

Short track with calls of Bahia Spinetail, ©  Juan Mazar Barnett, recorded near Boa Nova, Bahia, Brazil, July 1998.  In de background is a Rio de Janeiro Antbird.
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Bahia Spinetail     Synallaxis whitneyi
e Brazil: s Bahia state
insert after: Synallaxis ruficapilla
José Fernando Pacheco & Luiz Pedreira Gonzaga,
A new species of Synallaxis of the ruficapilla/infuscata complex from eastern Brazil (Passeriformes: Furnariidae)
Ararajuba: Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 3 (1995): 3-11

Bolivian Spinetail,
photograph by
© Jon Hornbuckle,
near Inquisivi,
depto. La Paz, Bolivia.

The Bolivian Spinetail is one of several spinetails that look quite alike, yet have highly disjunct distributions.  It is believed that these species form a natural group of common origin.  This "C. pyrrhophia group" comprises the following spinetails: Line-cheeked (antisiensis), Baron's (baroni), Creamy-crested (albicapilla), Bolivian (henricae), Stripe-crowned (pyrrhophia), Olive (obsoleta), Pallid (pallida), and possibly Crested (subcristata).

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Bolivian Spinetail     Cranioleuca henricae
n Bolivia: dept. La Paz, near Inquisivi, Sorata and La Paz, dept. Cochabamba, near Cocapata
insert after: Cranioleuca antisiensis
Sjoerd Maijer & Jon Fjeldså,
Description of a new Cranioleuca spinetail from Bolivia and a "leapfrog pattern" of geographic variation in the genus
Ibis 139, 4 (1997): 606-616

Sjoerd Maijer provided supporting
information on C. henricae
and additional info on Acrobatornis fonsecai.

More info on Pink-legged Graveteiro can be found at the Sergio Luiz's website written by Ana Lucia Azevedo (in Brasileiro).

Pink-legged Graveteiro     Acrobatornis fonsecai
e Brazil: se Bahia state, roughly between Itabuna and Camacan
insert after: Certhiaxis mustelina
José Fernando Pacheco, Bret M. Whitney & Luiz A. Pedreira Gonzaga,
A new genus and species of furnariid (Aves: Furnariidae) from the cocoa-growing region of southeastern Bahia, Brazil
Wilson Bulletin 108, 3 (1996): 397-433

Brigida's Woodcreeper     Hylexetastes brigidai
nc Brazil: Pará and Mato Grosso states
insert after: Hylexetastes perrotii
José M. Cardoso da Silva, Fernando C. Novaes & David C. Oren,
A new species of the genus Hylexetastes (Dendrocolaptidae) from eastern Amazonia
Bulletin B.O.C. 115, 4 (1995): 200-206

Carajás Woodcreeper     Xiphocolaptes carajaensis
c Brazil: Amazonia between Rio Xingú and Rio Tocantins
insert after: Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus
José Maria C. da Silva, Fernando C. Novaes & David C. Oren,
Differentiation of Xiphocolaptes (Dendrocolaptidae) across the river Xingú, Brazilian Amazonia: recognition of a new phylogenetic species and biogeographic implications
Bulletin B.O.C. 122, 3 (2002): 185-194
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