Recently proposed splits for the family Old World Warblers and Allies

The Taiwan Bush-Warbler was first collected in 1917 by Motoki and Kikuchi, but was not formally described at the time.  It is named after one of the mountains on which it occurs, Ali-Shan.

Taiwan Bush-Warbler     Bradypterus alishanensis
Taiwan: mountains
insert after: Bradyperus luteoventris
Pamela C. Rasmussen, Philip D. Round, Edward C. Dickinson, and F. G. Rozendaal,
A new Bush-Warbler (Sylviidae, Bradypterus) from Taiwan
Auk 117, 2 (2000): 279-289

link to Ibis on Cryptic Warbler

Cryptic Warbler     Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi
e Madagascar: Fianarantosoa province
insert after: Newtonia fanovanae
Steven M. Goodman, Olivier Langrand & Bret M. Whitney,
A new genus and species of passerine from the eastern rainforest of Madagascar
Ibis 138, 2 (1996): 153-159

Hainan Leaf-Warbler     Phylloscopus hainanus
se China: Hainan Island
insert after: Phylloscopus subaffinis
Urban Olsson, Per Alström & Peter R. Colston,
A new species of Phylloscopus warbler from Hainan Island, China
Ibis 135, 1 (1993): 3-7

The validity of this taxon has been put in doubt by some people, who remarked that the description of sichuanensis fits extremely well with that of Pale-rumped Warbler  P. chloronotus of the race yunnanensis, La Touche 1922.

Chinese Leaf-Warbler     Phylloscopus sichuanensis
sw China: Sichuan province
insert after: Phylloscopus proregulus
Per Alström, Urban Olsson & Peter R. Colston,
A new species of Phylloscopus warbler from Central China
Ibis 134, 4 (1992): 329-334

link to Ibis on Emei Leaf-Warbler

Emei Leaf-Warbler     Phylloscopus emeiensis
sw China: Sichuan province, Emei Mountains
insert after: Phylloscopus borealis
Per Alström & Urban Olsson,
A new species of Phylloscopus warbler from Sichuan province, China
Ibis 137, 4 (1995): 459-468

These two new Seicercus species are only the tip of the iceberg: another three forms are proposed to be lifted to species level.  See the associated splits page.

The second vernacular names found here in quotes are mine only, and were included since the authors did not propose any.

Plain-tailed Warbler     Seicercus soror
c,e China
insert after: Seicercus burkii
Per Alström & Urban Olsson,
The Golden-spectacled Warbler: a complex of sibling species, including a previously undescribed species
Ibis 141, 1 (1999): 545-568

"Emei" Golden-spectacled Warbler     Seicercus omeiensis
sw China: Sichuan province, Emei Mountains
insert after: Seicercus soror
J. Martens, S. Eck, M. Päckert & Y.-H. Sun,
The Golden-spectacled Warbler Seicercus burkii---A species swarm (Aves: Passeriformes: Sylviidae) Part 1
Zool. Abhandl. Staatl. Mus. Tierk. Dresden 50 (1999), 281-327

Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush     Garrulax konkakinhensis
c Vietnam: mt. Kon-Ka-Kinh
insert after: Garrulax rufogularis
Jonathan C. Eames & C. Eames,
A new species of laughingthrush (Passeriformes: Garrulacinae) from the Central Highlands of Vietnam
Bulletin B.O.C. 121, 1 (2001): 10-23

See also: BirdLife Vietnam's site, for both the laughingthrush and the barwing.

Golden-winged Laughingthrush     Garrulax ngoclinhensis
Vietnam: western highlands
insert after: Garrulax mitratus?
Jonathan C. Eames, Le Tong Trai & Nguyen Cu,
A new species of Laughingthrush (Passeriformes: Garrulinacinae) from the Western Highlands of Vietnam
Bulletin B.O.C. 119, 1 (1999): 4-15

The information on A. sodangorum was provided by Richard Ranft.

Black-crowned Barwing     Actinodura sodangorum
Vietnam: western highlands
insert after: Actinodura ramsayi
Jonathan C. Eames, Le Trong Trai, Nguyen Cu & Roland Eve,
New species of Barwing Actinodura (Passeriformes: Sylviinae: Timaliini) from the Western Highlands of Vietnam
Ibis 141, 1 (1999): 1-10

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