Recently described new species for the family New World Barbets and Allies

The find of this barbet in 1996 was a big surprise.  For one, this seems to be the only Capito barbet with a montane distribution.  The paper gives Ucayali as the departamento, but from the further locality data given it seems that the site is in Loreto.

Scarlet-banded Barbet, taken with permission from the cover of The Auk 117, 3 (2000). Cover plate, painting,
© Dan Lane.

Scarlet-banded Barbet     Capito wallacei
e Peru: upper Río Cushabatay, sc Loreto. Cloud forest
insert after: Capito brunneipectus?
John P. O'Neill, Daniel F. Lane, Andrew W. Kratter, Angelo P. Capparella & Cecilia Fox Joo,
A striking new species of barbet (Capitoninae: Capito) from the eastern Andes of Peru
Auk 117, 3 (2000): 569-577

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