Recently described new species for the family Hummingbirds

Chiribiquete Emerald     Chlorostilbon olivaresi
se Colombia: Guaviare province, Sierra Chiribiquete
insert after: Chlorostilbon assimilis
F. Gary Stiles,
A new species of Emerald Hummingbird (Trochilidae, Chlorostilbon) from the Sierra de Chiribiquete, southeastern Colombia, with a review of the C. mellisugus complex
Wilson Bulletin 108, 1 (1996): 1-27

Rondônia Emerald     Amazilia rondoniae
w Brazil: Rondônia state
insert after: Amazilia versicolor
A. Ruschi,
Uma nova espécie de Beija-flor do Brasil: Amazilia rondoniae n.sp. e a chave para determinar as espécies de Amazilia que ocorrem no Brasil
Bol. Mus. Biol. Prof. "Mello Leitao" Santa Teresa, Sér. Zool. 100 (1982): 1-2

The Bogotá Sunangel is known only from a single specimen purchased in 1909 in Bogotá. It is thought to have been collected on the eastern Andes or possibly the central Andes of Colombia, within a few hundred kilometers of the capital.

This species is considered possibly extinct.

Bogotá Sunangel†     Heliangelus zusii
Colombia: near Bogotá ?
insert after: Heliangelus regalis
Gary R. Graves,
Relic of a lost world: a new species of sunangel (Trochilidae: Heliangelus) from `Bogoá´
The Auk 110, 1 (1993): 1-8

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