Recently described new species for the family Ground Antbirds

The Jocotoco Antpitta is found in wet, upper subtropical forest in the upper Río Chinchipe drainage, provincia Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador. The species is readily diagnosed by its large size, unique white facial markings, and voice. More details and an illustration can be found at the Fundacion Jocotoco's website.

Initial results from DNA sequence analyses place the new species in a well-supported clade that includes Grallaria nuchalis (which is syntopic with the new species), G. hypoleuca, G. watkinsi, and G. ruficapilla. (Text taken from abstract.)

Jocotoco Antpitta     Grallaria ridgelyi
s Ecuador (se Cordillera de Tzunantza south; e Cerro Toledo) possibly to n Peru (Cerro Chinguela?)
insert after: Grallaria hypoleuca
Niels Krabbe, D.J. Agro, N.H. Rice, M. Jacome, L. Navarrete & F. Sornoza M.,
A new species of antpitta (Formicariidae: Grallaria) from the southern Ecuadorian Andes
The Auk 116, 4 (1999): 882-890

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