Recently described new species for the family Finches and Allies

The two only known specimens for Sillem's Mountain-Finch were collected in September 1929, during the Netherlands Karakorum Expedition, by J.A. Sillem. They were then identified as L. brandti.
The skins reside in ZMA, Amsterdam.

Birds to Watch 2 considers this a "data deficient" species.

Sillem's Mountain-Finch     Leucosticte sillemi
China: w Tibet, s Xinjiang, between the upper Kara Kash and the upper Yarkand River
insert after: Leucosticte nemoricola
Cornelis S. Roselaar,
A new species of mountain-finch Leucosticte from western Tibet
Bulletin B.O.C. 112, 4 (1992), 225-231

Song of São Francisco Sparrow, Palmeiras, Bahia, Brazil

São Francisco Sparrow
, male, song and picture from video-grab,
© Rolf de By & David Spelt, 4km south of Palmeiras, Bahia, Brazil, April 20, 2001

São Francisco Sparrow     Arremon franciscanus
e Brazil: dry caatinga zone in Bahia and Minas Gerais states
insert after: Arremon taciturnus
Marcos A. Raposo,
A new species of Arremon (Passeriformes: Emberizidae) from Brazil
Ararajuba 5, 1 (1997): 3-9

For the specific name melanopsis, see
Valqui & Fjeldså,
Ibis 144, 2 (2002): 347, Atlapetes melanopsis nom. nov. for the Black-faced Brush-Finch.

Some of the brush-finches have also recently been revised taxonomically.  See brush-finches splits.

Black-faced Brush-Finch     Atlapetes melanopsis
c Peru: depts. Huancavelica and Junín
insert after: Atlapetes (schistaceus) canigenis
Thomas Valqui & Jon Fjeldså,
New Brush-finch (Atlapetes) from Peru
Ibis 141, 2 (1999): 194-198

The authors do not provide an analysis of relationships between species in the Amaurospiza group, so I have tentatively placed A. carrizalensis between concolor and moesta.


Carrizal Blue-black Seedeater     Amaurospiza carrizalensis
c Venezuela: Isla Carrizal, Río Caroni, Bolívar
insert after: Amaurospiza concolor
Miguel Lentino & Robin Restall,
A new species of Amaurospiza Blue Seedeater from Venezuela
The Auk 120, 3 (2003): 600-606
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