Recently described new species for the family Crows and Allies

Red-shouldered Vanga     Calicalicus rufocarpalis
sw Madagascar: near Toliara
insert after: Calicalicus madagascariensis
Steven M. Goodman, A. Frank A. Hawkins & C.A. Domergue,
A new species of vanga (Vangidae, Calicalius) from south-western Madagascar
Bulletin B.O.C. 117, 1 (1997): 5-10

The Short-toed Nuthatch Vanga was described in 1996 on the basis of two specimens found in the collection of the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.
These two specimens represent fledged juveniles of a previously unknown species which seems to be most closely related to the Nuthatch Vanga Hypositta corallirostris.

The two birds were collected in 1931 by H. Bluntschli, who left them unnamed.  The English name used here is mine as Peters did not propose one.  It recognizes the much shorter toes, esp. the hindclaw, which seems to indicate that, unlike corallirostris, perdita is not adapted to climbing trees.

The species has not been observed since, and may have become extinct in the meantime.

Short-toed Nuthatch Vanga      Hypositta perdita
se Madagascar: near Eminiminy, n of Tolaganaro
insert after: Hypositta corallirostris
D. Stefan Peters,
Hypositta perdita, n.sp., eine neue Vogelart aus Madagaskar (Aves: Passeriformes: Vangidae)
Senckenbergiana biologica 76, 1/2 (1996): 7-14

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