Recently changed genus names within the family Ground-Rollers
New name   Vernacular Old name
Geobiastes squamiger (Lafresnaye)   1838 Scaly Ground-Roller Brachypteracias squamiger
Jeremy J. Kirchman, Shannon J. Hackett, Steven M. Goodman & John M. Bates,
Phylogeny and systematics of Ground Rollers (Brachypteraciidae) of Madagascar
The Auk 118, 4 (2001): 849-863
See also:
Gerald Mayr & Cecile Mourer-Chauvire
Phylogeny and fossil record of the Brachypteraciidae: A comment on Kirchmann et al. (2001)
The Auk 120, 1 (2003): 202-203
        Geobiastes   Sharpe  1871
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