Recently changed genus names within the family Finches and Allies
New name   Vernacular Old name
Hemignathus virens (Gmelin)   1788 Hawaii Amakihi Viridonia virens
American Ornithologists' Union,
Fortieth Supplement to American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of North American Birds
The Auk 112, 3 (1995): 819-830
Hemignathus kauaiensis Pratt   1989 Kauai Amakihi Viridonia stejnegeri

Cheryl L. Tarr & Robert C. Fleischer,
Mitochondrial-DNA variation and evolutionary relationships in the Amakihi complex
The Auk 110, 4 (1993): 825-831
Hemignathus parvus (Stejneger)   1887 Anianiau Viridonia parva
Buarremon brunneinucha (Lafresnaye)   1839 Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch Atlapetes brunneinucha

J.V. Remsen, Jr. & W.S. Graves,
Distribution patterns of Buarremon brush-finches (Emberizinae) and interspecific competition in Andean birds
The Auk 112, 1 (1995): 225-236
Buarremon virenticeps Bonaparte   1855 Green-striped Brush-Finch Atlapetes virenticeps Buarremon   Bonaparte  1850
Buarremon torquatus (Lafresnaye & Orbigny)   1837 Stripe-headed Brush-Finch Atlapetes torquatus
Parkerthraustes humeralis (Lawrence)   1867 Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak Caryothraustes humeralis

J.V. Remsen, Jr.,
A new genus for the Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak
in Ornithological Monographs No. 48, Studies in Neotropical Ornithology honoring Ted Parker (1997), 89-90
Parkerthraustes   Remsen  1997
Saltator grossus (Linnaeus)   1766 Slate-colored Grosbeak Pitylus grossus

J.W. Tamplin, James W. Demastes & J.V. Remsen, Jr.,
Biochemical and morphometric relationships among some members of the Cardinalinae
Wilson Bulletin 105, ? (1993): 93-113
Saltator fuliginosus (Daudin)   1800 Black-throated Grosbeak Pitylus fuliginosus
Agelaioides oreopsar Lowther   2001 Bolivian Blackbird Oreopsar bolivianus

Peter E. Lowther,
New name for the Bolivian Blackbird
Bulletin B.O.C. 121, 4 (2001): 280-281
Agelaioides   Cassin  1866
Agelaioides badius (Vieillot)   1819 Bay-winged Cowbird Molothrus badius

K.P. Johnson & S.M. Lanyon,
Molecular systematics of the grackles and allies, and the effect of additional sequence (cyt b and ND2)
The Auk 116, ? (1999): 759-768
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