Fossil records for the family Starlings and Allies

Aplonis diluvialis
Steadman   1989
Holocene of Huahine, nw Society Islands, sc Pacific Ocean
Primary materials: Holotype: complete tarsometatarsus

David W. Steadman,
A new species of starling (Sturnidae, Aplonis) from an archaeological site on Huahine, Society Islands
Notornis 36 (1989): 161-169

Necropsar rodericanus
Slater   1879
Holocene of Rodrigues, e Mascarene Islands, wc Indian Ocean
Primary materials: Type: postcranial skeleton

Pierce Brodkorb,
Catalogue of fossil birds. Part 5 (Passeriformes)
Bulletin of the Florida State Museum, Biological Science 23 (1978): 139-228

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