Fossil records for the family Megapodes

Megapodius molistructor
Balouet & Olson   1989
Holocene of New Caledonia
Primary materials: Holotype: Left tarsometatarsus
Secondary materials: Paratypes: complete left scapula, half right scapula, proximal end left ulna, fragment right femur, ungual phalanx, anterior end right scapula, proximal end right ulna, distal helft left ulna, distal end left ulna, proximal half right femur, ungual phalanges

Jean Christophe Balouet & Storrs L. Olson,
Fossil birds from late Quaternary deposits in New Caledonia
Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 469 (1989): 1-38
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C.

Megapodius alimentum
Steadman   1989
Holocene of Lifuka, Tonga, sc Pacific Ocean
Primary materials: Holotype: distal end tibiotarsus
Secondary materials: Pararypes: proximal end tarsometatarsus, tarsometatarsus, pedal digitus I phalanx I, pedal digiti II-IV terminal phalanx

David W. Steadman,
New species and records of birds (Aves: Megapodiidae, Columbidae) from an archeological site on Lifuka, Tonga
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 102, 537 (1989)

Sylviornis neocaledoniae
Poplin   1980
Holocene of New Caledonia
Primary materials: Holotype: eerste phalanx
Secondary materials: Paratypes: femoral schacht, tibiotarsi, tarsometatarsus. All parts of the skeleton were found later, allowing identification as a megapode.

François Poplin,
Sylviornis neocaledoniae n. g., n. sp. (Aves), ratite éteint de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Paris sér. D, 290 (1980): 691-694

See also:
François Poplin, Cécile Mourer-Chauviré & Jacques Evin,
Position systématique et datation de Sylviornis neocaledoniae, mégapode géant (Aves, Galliformes, Megapodiidae) étient de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences sér. II, 297 (1983): 301-304

François Poplin & Cécile Mourer-Chauviré,
Sylviornis neocaledoniae (Aves: Galliformes, Megapoiidae), oiseaux géant éteint de l'Ile des Pins
Géobios 18 (1985): 73-97

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