Fossil records for the family Dromornithidae  [Mihirungs]

Genyornis newtoni
Sterling & Zeitz   1894
Pleistocene of Australia
Primary materials: Vertebrae, sternum, scapulocoraco´deum, humerus, femur, tibiotarsus, tarsometatarsus

Judith H. Field & Walter E. Boles,
Genyornis newtoni and Dromaius novaehollandiae at 30,000 b.p. in central northern New South Wales
Alcheringa 22 (1998): 177-188

See also:
Gifford H. Miller, John W. Magee, Beverly J. Johnson, Marilyn L. Fogel, Nigel A. Spooner, Malcolm T. McCulloch & Linda k. Ayliffe,
Pleistocene extinction of Genyornis newtoni: Human impact on Australian megafauna
Science 283 (1999): 205-208

Patricia Vickers Rich,
The Dromornithidae: An extinct family of large ground birds endemic to Australia
Department of National Development Bureau of National Resources, Geology and Geophysics Bulletin 184 (1979): 1-196

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